Alex Trebek Won’t Go To Any ‘Extraordinary Measures’ To Survive If His Current Cancer Treatment Fails

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, who went public with his stage IV pancreatic cancer diagnosis last year, gave an update on his health during an interview with Good Morning America on Monday. Trebek was told by his doctor that “he is counting on me celebrating two years of survivorship past the diagnosis of stage IV pancreatic cancer, and that two years happens in February,” he said. “So I expect to be around — because he said I will be around — and I expect to be hosting the show if I am around.”

Trebek, whose first memoir comes out this week, has his good days and his bad days (“There was one day a few weeks ago when [Trebek’s wife] Jeanie asked me in the morning, ‘How do you feel?’ And I said, ‘I feel like I wanna die.’ It was that bad”), but his experimental treatment is “going in the right direction.” That being said, if it stops working, he’s “not going to go to any extraordinary measures to ensure my survival”:

When he had to explain it to his family, the game show host said it was “tough,” but “they handled it beautifully.”

“They understand that there is a certain element regarding quality of life,” said Trebek. “And if the quality of life is not there — it’s hard sometimes to push. And just say, well, I’m gonna keep going even though I’m miserable.”

You can watch Trebek’s GMA interview below.