Alison Brie And Donald Glover’s Yearbook Photos Are Here Because ‘Community’ News Is Confusing

During this period of extreme Community confusion and uncertainty where we’re pretty sure we have the old showrunner back, but not 100% DVD commentary sure, the streets ahead gang over at r/Community are passing the time determining what Troy and Annie would have really looked like in the Origins episode by unearthing high school yearbook photos of their real-life counterparts. Just your typical protection mechanism stuff when you don’t want to get your hopes up that mom and dad are for sure getting back together.

First up we have a young Donald Glover who clearly had dreams of a Danny Glover mustache.

And here we have a teenage Alison Brie Schermerhorn whose sole purpose is to confuse UPROXX commenters.

Rose Bowl Joel McHale for good measure? Rose Bowl Joel McHale for good measure.

Welp, I know I feel better about Season 5 already.

Donald Glover and Alison Brie via r/Community.