Alison Brie Has a Boyfriend (and the Morning Links)

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05.24.12 42 Comments

Obviously we all knew that Alison Brie was probably having sex with someone, but to have it confirmed is just mean. And Dave Franco? Clearly she never saw him on “Scrubs 2.0,” otherwise she’d know better. She’s Alison Brie, for God’s sake. She should be dating someone worthy of her, like Ryan Gosling or James Van Der Beek.

Patton Oswalt And Marc Maron Livetweeted Their Chance Encounter On A Plane — Did sparks fly? Did they join the mile-high club? (Uproxx)

Vince Vaughn And Chris Parnell Ambush Conan — (HuffPost Comedy)

The 2012 Vladivostok Bikini Fitness Open Looks Like An Important Event — Finally, some common ground between American capitalism and Russian’s fake democracy: The international language of women in bikinis. (Withleather)

This Video of a Slinky on a Treadmill Is Surprisingly Epic — (Brobible)

108 Reasons Why We Still Miss “Lost” — I felt so bitter after the finale that I didn’t think I could feel anything for the show again, but this post conjures up the happy memories before Lindelof crushed our souls. (Pajiba)

The evolution of videogames, as seen in 28 movie cameos — (Fark)

Exclusive: Even More Storyboards From Channing Tatum’s ‘White House Down’! — You know what? Given his Internet omnipresence, I’m pretty sure that Burnsy is the bastard love child of ARPANET and a 1400 mbps modem. (FilmDrunk)

Chris Brown Siri Ad — (College Humor)

Nick DiChiara’s Long Snap Trick Shots Are Awesome, Impossibly Coordinated — This video is like those old Larry Bird/Michael Jordan commercials, only IT’S REAL. (Withleather)

Banksy Site Updates — (High Definite)

20 Motivational Posters On Facebook That Mean Absolutely Nothing — A wise man once said, “Never listen to wise men. They’re all full of sh*t.” (Uproxx)

So Batman’s Robin Is A Girl Now? — (FilmDrunk)

An Open Letter To Zach Galifianakis Regarding Him Starring In The Film Adaptation Of ‘A Confederacy Of Dunces’ — Whenever someone new signs on to Confederacy of the Dunces, and it happens once every three years, the book nuts come out. Turns out, Cajun Boy is one of them, and he is seriously passionate. (Uproxx)

30 Actors Playing with Themselves — (GammaSquad)

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