All Of The Hilarious Adult Film Conference Delegates On This Week’s ‘Silicon Valley’

Every episode of Silicon Valley sees Richard Hendricks and his merry gang of programmers spinning plates to keep Pied Piper afloat from one threat or another, whether it’s frivolous lawsuits or a nosy neighbor. Sunday night’s episode, appropriately titled “Adult Content,” saw the near demise of Pied Piper, thanks to their latest financial backer Russ Hanneman’s (Chris Diamantopoulos) meltdown over losing a comma in his net worth, downgrading him from a billionaire to a millionaire.

Wanting to recoup his other financial mistakes, Russ attempts to sell Pied Piper out to End Frame, the software company that previously stole their algorithm in a pitch meeting. This week’s Hail Mary came from Gilfoyle, who highly illegally hacks into End Frame’s server to get details of their streaming deal with a porn company called Intersite, which leads to this scene at a porn convention. As with last week’s “Let Blaine Die” SWOT board, some of the best jokes of the episode came from throwaway background stuff, in the form of the delegates’ names at the porn convention. I have to admit, the “Non Consensual Santa” intrigues me.