All the Instances of the 'Daybreak' Hum on 'Community'

If you’ve been a regular viewer of “Community,” you no doubt picked up on the “Daybreak” theme, a callback tune used several times in season three. How many times, exactly? Six. A kick-ass reader of ours, Ryan L., sent in YouTube videos of them, and I ended up listening to them all a few times.

Cool as they are, I had no idea what to do with them. But here it is about 24 hours after Ryan sent the email, and the “Daybreak” theme is STILL lodged firmly in my brain. I’ve been humming it practically every waking hour since. In fact, I hummed my twins to sleep last night with the “Daybreak” theme. They fell asleep smiling and they slept longer than they ever have before. THAT’S HOW POWERFUL IT IS.

You’d think that an earworm like that getting jammed into your brain folds would be annoying. You’d be wrong. There’s something positively jubilant about it. It’s a happy tune; every morning would be better if the birds tweeted it as sunrise.

Anyway, I didn’t want to post all six YouTube videos, so I checked around, and sure enough, this being the Internet, some enterprising YouTuber has put them all into one video. So, here you go, folks: All the instances of “Daybreak” on “Community.” Listen to it a few times, and ride the giddiness of that tune all the way through your Father’s Day weekend.