All Your ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Three Finale Questions Answered

04.02.13 6 years ago 67 Comments

Judging by your comments in Dustin’s recap of the third season finale of The Walking Dead, “Welcome to the Tombs,” you liked the episode about as much as Hershel trusts Carl with Blonde Daughter, a.k.a. Beth. I’m with you.

It wasn’t bad, mind you, just a let down, especially where the Governor was concerned. To quote Dustin, “My concern, really, is that they may have blown the best opportunity to kill The Governor, in terms of maximum satisfaction.” The Andrea killing was nice, even if the build-up to that moment made no sense…but it wasn’t enough.

The episode also left a lot of questions unanswered. Too many, actually, but we’re going to try to answer as many of them as possible.

What else did the Governor read in Hershel’s Biblical gift? (Via)

Or maybe it was…? (Via)

Who really wanted Michonne dead? (Via)

Where did the Governor go after shooting everyone? (Via)

Did Andrea try her hardest to get out of those handcuffs?

How’s the original Atlanta group looking now? (Via)

Is the Governor a good military leader?

Does Girl Cutty have a name?

Considering the new editions to the prison, what will season four look like?

Can’t wait. One last question: the f*ck were the Governor’s henchmen thinking? (Via)

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