Terrifying, Amazing: Two Planes Collide Above Wisconsin, Skydivers’ Helmet Cams Capture Everything

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11.05.13 5 Comments

So that you can rest easy while watching the spectacular helmet cam footage below, let me just preface it by saying this: Despite the fact that one of the planes went up in a ball of flames, the skydivers involved — all 11 of them — somehow miraculously survived the collision of two small planes over Wisconsin during a skydiving stunt. Even the pilot of the plane that burst into flames managed to escape using his emergency parachute, but the skydivers did have to contend with free falling at 125 miles per hour ALONG WITH THE BURNING DEBRIS FROM THE WRECKAGE.

It’s spectacular to watch, and a goddamn miracle that no one died or was seriously injured. Wow. JUST WOW.

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