You Can AirBnb The ‘American Horror Story’ Murder House

02.20.16 3 years ago


Feeling a little desensitized to all the scary movie and TV options out there these days? Well here’s your chance to take things to a higher level.

The “murder house” from Season 1 of American Horror Story (the one with Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott and the time-shifting maid and Kate Mara and all that) is now available for booking on Airbnb. The nine-bedroom Los Angeles mansion can accommodate up to 16 people and it can all be yours for the bargain price of  $1450 per night and a lifetime of bad dreams.

The house has also appeared in episodes of The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Twilight Zone, but its central role — it was pretty much a main character — in that first season of American Horror Story, along with its accreditation as historical and cultural landmark, makes the 108-year-old structure a premium destination, don’t you think?

Just look at what some renters are saying about their stays, as per Variety:

“The house was fantastic: Full of history and carrying her scars and scratches from a long and eventful life with pride,” said one reviewer. “Beds, blankets and linens were top class, kitchen well equipped and our party of five made good use of it, both for relaxation and as an alternative meeting place with colleagues from Hollywood. If you are looking for something soulful, and do not expect everything to be brand new and shiny, this place is it.”

They forgot to mention the ghosts and the hangings and the latex body suit-wearing madmen. But hey, those blankets and linens are top class so knock yourself out (hides).

(via Variety)

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