‘American Horror Story’ May Have Teased Its Seventh Season Theme Already

There’s something comforting about American Horror Story‘s fondness for the anthology format. Don’t like a season? Take a breather and catch the next one. Sure, things interconnect on the show, but AHS lives so comfortably in the realm of batsh*t crazy, most viewers can make do. Feelings about the genre-hopping sixth season (and TV love letter) haven’t exactly been one size fits all and that likely means your mileage will vary in unpacking the tweet nestled above.

After last night’s finale, a curious lil’ clip emerged from the Twitter wing of American Horror Story. The seven-second curiosity features the words “Sweet Dreams” in the reliable AHS font and begins with waves before quickly veering into scary season 6 land. It’s a social media touch that syncs up nicely with previous bits of AHS promo, but what does it mean? Is it just a weird bow on top of a completed project or is it something more.

Popsugar has put forward the theory that we’re getting a nod to the direction of season 7. Not just because it’s the first thing to emerge after the season finale, either. Spoiler adjacent finale stuff ahoy!

The first small hint about season seven comes during the Roanoke finale. Once we hop into yet another show within a show called Spirit Chasers, we follow a group of paranormal investigators as they return to the Roanoke house. At one point after Lee appears, a huge crash draws everyone into another room. It’s a big, dusty, wooden model ship. You can clearly make out the rows of sails and the body of the ship itself. It seems innocuous at first, and in fact, it doesn’t register as a hint until we get the second hint. It came in the form of a short little clip that American Horror Story posted on Instagram and Twitter just after the finale aired.

We reckon that’s a savvy interpretation of the episode and the subsequent social media follow-up. Mind you, there’s loads of things that could be unpacked from the clip. “Sweet Dreams” could just be a friendly taunt at us folks that were spooked by season 6. Or it could be a stealth tipoff that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have a Dream On reboot set to go at FXX. What do you think? Share your analysis in the comments for fun and profit chest-puffing.

(Via Popsugar)