08.14.09 9 years ago 5 Comments

This is Rory the Australian shepherd.  He is now a finalist on “America’s Got Talent.”  Oh yes, you read that correctly: finalist.  As in top five.  If you’ll remember back to yesterday, Ukraine’s top talent is a super-hot chick who brilliantly tells stories with images drawn in sand.  America has a dog that catches frisbees.  Dude, Ukraine barely has electricity.

Whatever, I hope Rory wins.  Just as a huge “F you” to everyone else on the show.  “I studied music at Juilliard.”  “Our dance crew practices 60 hours a week.”  Thanks but no thanks, jerks.  That dog went through his owner’s legs!  Oh man, did you see how high that dog jumped?!?  That’s f-ckin talent, bitches.

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