Amy Poehler Has Found A New ‘Douche’ To Date: Nick Kroll

“Me: blonde comedian, one of the funniest people alive, recently separated, two kids, works long hours, is an inspiration for millions of erotic fan fiction stories about waffles. You: fellow comedian, douche, should enjoy long walks on the beach and tuna.” And that’s the story of how Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll began dating, allegedly.

Amy Poehler seems to have moved on from her estranged husband, Will Arnett. The Parks and Recreation star was spotted out on a date with actor and comedian Nick Kroll at the Pikey Cafe and Bar on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles last Friday night. A spy tells us the two looked “cozy” as they sat across from each other at a small table. The couple also went unnoticed by other customers as they dined. While sources tell us that this wasn’t a first date, reps for the two comics didn’t get back to us. (Via)

And yet whenever I use this pick-up line while looking like I’m going to eat the objection of my affection’s face off…

…the ladies run away in terror. I’m not a “horrifying monster,” I swear. TEACH US YOUR WAYS, KROLL.

(Via NY Post)

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