Amy Poehler Ruins Christmas In This Sketch Cut From ‘SNL’

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey saved America this weekend by hosting SNL in between the dull Democratic debate and the utter shitshow that was the Miss Universe pageant. Truly, we must thank the universe — or whatever entity you feel like thanking if the universe is too fresh of a wound right now — for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who regularly remind us that all is not lost, even in a world where people cannot correctly spell “Philippines.” Though the show had its low points — how you gonna bring back Tina and Amy for only two “Weekend Update” jokes, Lorne? — it also featured one of the weirdest, darkest sketches in recent SNL memory — “Meet Your Second Wife” — Maya Rudolph at her boozy best, and a delightful return to “Bronx Beat” starring Fey as a morose Etsy designer.

But due to the confines of space and time, the show’s producers had to cut several sketches, meaning we’ve forever been deprived of precious Fey-and-Poehler comedy. Fortunately, one of these cut sketches made its way to YouTube today: “Christmas at Nana’s,” starring Poehler and Kyle Mooney as the most annoying children ever to inadvertently cause their grandmother’s beheading. This isn’t the sweet, supportive Poehler of Sisters, y’all — this Poehler is passive-aggressive, mumbly, and violently angry at her respective sibling. Though it’s not one of the stronger sketches written for this weekend’s show — it makes sense that it was cut — it’s got its moments of Poehler gold, plus a hilariously dark Kate McKinnon as Poehler and Mooney’s enraged, fatalistic mom.