Amy Schumer Says She Thinks Laurence Fishburne Has A Small Penis

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Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, and Judd Apatow appeared on Tuesday night’s Watch What Happens Live to promote Trainwreck alongside host Andy Cohen. As is tradition on the show, Cohen subjected Schumer to his “Plead the Fifth” questions, in which he asks a guest several incriminating or salacious questions, and they can choose to plead the fifth to only one of them.

Cohen started out strong, asking Schumer what Hollywood leading man she thinks “has a small dick.” After some strong consideration, she went with… Laurence Fishburne? Okay, why not? I just hope Mr. Fishburne has a good sense of humor. If anyone is wondering, for the record, I would have gone with the guy whose name rhymes with cheramie scriven.