A 1980s Pop Star Has Joined The Cast Of ‘True Detective’ Season Two

True Detective sees your casting news, Fargo, and raises you…Rick Springfield?

Yup, that’s THE Rick Springfield of “Jesse’s Girl” and “Don’t Talk to Strangers” and he’s-not-actually-a-one-hit-wonder-so-stop-calling-him-that fame. His being on True Detective isn’t completly random: Springfield has appeared in episodes of The Rockford Files, Battlestar Galactica, and Californication, and even played a recurring character on General Hospital. How will he fit into the world of True Detective? Let’s see: Taylor Kitsch was on Friday Night Lights with Jesse Plemons…whose wife on Fargo is played by Dunst. HE’S COMING AFTER YOUR GIRL, LANDRY. (I’m assuming there will be a True Fargo crossover at some point.)