And The First Canceled Show Of The Season Is…

My original pick for the first new fall show to be aborted, so to speak, was Guys with Kids. Then I changed my mind, and hoped that someone would pull the plug on The Mob Doctor because puns! Neither one of those ended up the correct answer, but luckily, wordplay still abounds: Made in Jersey, about an Italian-American lady lawyer, done got whacked. You see? Because they’re from NJ and everyone there is a mobster. MAMA MIA.

CBS is pulling Friday night legal drama Made In Jersey from its schedule after only two episodes. That makes Jersey the first canceled TV show of the fall. Undercover Boss will join the Friday night lineup starting Nov. 2, with CSI: NY moving to 9 p.m. (Via)

The only thing I know about Made in Jersey is that Kyle MacLachlan plays someone with the first name “Donovan.” Poor Kyle MacLachlan. So, let’s see what the fine anonymous folks on IMDb say about the show.

So, I actually thought that this show’s concept sounded fun. I was planning on watching it until I saw the preview where she gets a tattoo. She’s a *beep* lawyer. She’s supposed to look professional and she goes and gets a tattoo? No way am I watching this crap. (Via)

Tough, but fair. Hopefully at least one person yelled, “No, YOU’RE out of order.”

(Via EW)