Stop Everything And Watch Anderson Cooper Completely Destroy The Psychologist Behind ‘Affluenza’

We told you about Ethan Couch, the 16-year-old ass who killed four others while driving drunk and then received probation due to the “affluenza” defense. “Affluenza” of course is the bullsh*t excuse for a disease that only seems to affect the children of rich people. Here you can see it in action via The NY Daily News:

“I’m Ethan Couch, I’ll get you out of this,” the inebriated teen told one of his passengers at the scene, according to trial notes belonging to the attorney for Eric Boyles, who lost his wife and daughter in the terrible crash.

Anderson Cooper questioned “affluenza” at the source by pressing Dr. G. Dick Miller, the defense’s psychologist that coined the term, on the seemingly phony disease and Couch’s light sentence compared to other, poorer, youth defendants.

Cooper pointed out to guest G. Dick Miller that District Judge Jean Boyd sentenced a 14-year-old poor Black teen to a 10-year-sentence within the state’s juvenile justice system, while Miller’s client, 16-year-old Ethan Couch — an affluent white teen — was given an extended probation in what Cooper described as resort-like conditions.

“Why is that okay for a 14-year-old poor kid, but for a 16-year-old well-off kid, they get to go have equine therapy,” Cooper asked Miller. “Does that seems fair?”

“There actually are Black people who have money, Anderson,” Miller responded. “I don’t know why you continue to make this a racial thing. I treat all races.” (via)

Now you read that right, equine therapy. There’s that and much more at the Newport Academy of California, the treatment facility young Couch is being sent to for his “punishment.” Cooper claimed to look at the website to see a possible daily schedule that includes cooking classes, MMA classes, yoga, gym access, and television access with good behavior. Miller defended the treatment and claimed he wants to help Couch as opposed to punish him, saying ten years probation is hard.

You know what’s hard? Being dead because some little jackass decided to drive drunk. Burying your family, that’s hard too. Horse therapy? I’m a bit skeptical. I’m also skeptical when I see pictures of the facility and realize it looks like a vacation resort.

The interview is in three parts and I highly suggest watching the entire awkward thing. Part one is above with parts two and three living under the jump.

(Via CNN/PoliticsNoww, Newport Academy)