Anderson Cooper Didn’t Get The Whole Thing With Jesse And The Ricin On Sunday’s ‘Breaking Bad’

08.27.13 36 Comments

Last night on AC 360, Anderson Cooper devoted his “Ridiculist” segment to the mindless “controversy” over Miley Cyrus’ dumb performance at the exceedingly stupid VMAs — the one Hank and Marie were so freaked out by — and, in doing so, he dropped truth bombs all over the place.

“I hesitate to even bring this up…It’s all so yawningly formulaic,” Cooper said. “The truth is, if it actually got your goat, maybe it’s time to stop watching the VMAs. They’re not gonna change the schtick, trust me. Next year, if Miley Cyrus is still performing, she’s gonna get up there an undergo a live colonoscopy or something. Sure, it was tacky and it was tawdry and it was embarrassing, but 10.1 million people watched last night, and everyone’s talking about it today, so who’s getting the last laugh?”


With that said, while Cooper’s Miley Cyrus rant was spot-on, what made it even better was that he interrupted it briefly to work in a pithy rant about the whole thing with Jesse and the ricin from Sunday’s Breaking Bad.

“I missed the whole VMAs because I was watching Breaking Bad, then I was up the whole night trying to figure out the thing with the ricin,” Cooper said. “I’ve watched every episode of that series twice and I still don’t get what happened. I had to pop an Ambien just to get to sleep last night, I was so worked up about it.”

When I mentioned in yesterday’s recap/discussion that Jesse’s ricin cig freakout baffled me, a few commenters gave me sh*t about it. Now I don’t feel nearly as bad knowing that AC was similarly confused. Enjoy…

Meanwhile, I’m holding out out hope that Walt uses the ricin on Miley Cyrus.

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