Watch Andy Samberg And Seth Meyers Whip Out Their Lightsabers For A ‘Late Night’ Duel

Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers are clearly good friends. That’s why they didn’t have much hesitation when asked to play around with these “real” lightsabers from Star Wars and instantly pretend they were hitting each other with “wangs.” It’s what friends or any general Star Wars fan would do in the same situation.

The premise here is that J.J. Abrams has accidentally sent Seth Meyers an actual lightsaber from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (as opposed to a fake one, har har) and Meyers is going crazy with it around the office. John Lutz gets wind of it and joins up with his boss to help out around the office with the Lucas creation, using it to cut sandwiches, open jars, and essentially act like giant kids. They don’t use it to rescue some trapped folks in an elevator, though, which is fitting.

Then Samberg shows up with his own, wangs are mentioned, and Lutz gets his arms chopped off. It’s a lot of fun.

Samberg later sits down for an interview and asks Seth to do him a big favor during his upcoming Emmys hosting gig, mostly as a favor for all the silly times Meyers has asked him to dress up and act stupid during his past hosting gigs. So Meyers passes on the advice that Tina Fey mentioned earlier in the week about “keeping it sexy,” leading to that slight nod that there might be some banging up on the Emmys stage. Friend banging. Because they’re such good friends.

(Via Late Night)