Angela Bassett’s Husband Really Enjoyed Her Sex Scene With Lady Gaga On ‘American Horror Story’

Angela Bassett had never kissed a woman before American Horror Story: Hotel. But one thing leads to another when you’re covered in blood, and before you know, you’re making out with fellow Oscar nominees. Bassett told Access Hollywood that Lady Gaga, who played her frequent scene partner The Countess in FX’s anthology series, is “a good kisser… I’m an actress and professional; you have to dive into in the moment. But before, you’re like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve just met her, she’s a superstar.’ But she’s the nicest person, she is warm, she is gracious, she’s funny. She makes everybody feel comfortable, she’s comfortable with herself, so no one’s tripping — except for me.”

Oh yeah, and the first time they met, during a party the “Bad Romance” singer threw for the cast and crew, Gaga gave Bassett an “X-rated cake.”

Bassett’s husband was also tripping when he found out his wife had a sex scene with Gaga, something she “forgot” to tell him until the night the episode aired. Just imagine: You order pizza for dinner because you don’t feel like cooking; you sit down for an evening of wholesome television; you get bored of that, and change the channel from Designing Women reruns to American Horror Story; and there’s your spouse, getting steamy with Lady Gaga. Hope someone saved a slice of that kinky cake.

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