The Best Running Gags From Season One Of ‘Angie Tribeca’

When you watch an episode of Angie Tribeca, the joke-a-minute style hits you fast and furiously like shots fired out of a ‘Naked Gun.’ And much like ‘Police Squad’ (one of the show’s obvious inspirations), there are a few tropes that tend to come back around. These are some of our favorites…

Screaming Intro Theme

No doubt an ode to CSI: Miami‘s theme, the twist here is that Screaming Cop Dave is actually providing most of the yelling, often from painful situations… and always to start each episode off with a bang.

The Vomiting Cop

You’ve seen it before: a rookie gets his first sight of something nasty and he just can’t hold it in. Most cops eventually get used to things, but not this one.

Silly Names

When your main character is named Angie Tribeca, the bar is set for hilarious names throughout the series. This show takes nothing seriously — especially the birth names of bad guys (or really just any guy).

Cuing Flashbacks That Explain Everything

Is someone acting tense about a situation? Feel like you’re not getting the whole picture? Don’t worry, someone’s going to cue a flashback sequence that tells you the whole story.

Dr. Edelweiss’ Needless Handicaps

Every time we see Dr. Edelweiss, he has some new handicap, be it blindness, a lack of arms, or the loss of an eye. And every time… he sporadically recovers like it wasn’t there all along.

Here’s to hoping some of these gags continue into season two.