Anna Faris’ Son Wants To Be A Dinosaur For Halloween And It Feels A Little Weird For Her

As we all know, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are married to each other and have an adorable little son named Jack. Now that Jack is three, he’s gearing up for some Halloween festivities and has chosen his costume, which is a very scary choice for his mom. Jack wants to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex! But it’s not scary for the reason you might think, because you’re probably thinking, “That seems more adorable than scary.”

What Faris is afraid of is what it looks like when the son of the star of Jurassic World is dressed like a dinosaur right after Jurassic World came out on Blu-ray. It’s an image thing. Like, does it look like we’re exploiting our toddler for marketing purposes? Maybe he’ll be too cute to offend anyone. And no worries, his dad’s the alpha anyway.

(via Jimmy Kimmel Live)