Anna Kendrick Is Wearing Nothing But Body Paint In The Latest Newcastle Not-Super Bowl Ad. Kind Of.

Newcastle and Anna Kendrick already teamed up to make the best behind-the-scenes-of-a-fake-Super-Bowl-commercial-Internet-ad-thingy in history earlier this week with their “Am I beer commercial hot?” video, and now they’re back at it again. This time it’s a look at the storyboards for the spot they “would” have made, which feature everything from evil robots to party sharks to skateboarding cats to Anna Kendrick wearing body paint. It is some real Grade-A Internet bait. And there’s also a nice little dig about bands that say “HEY” a lot, but you probably didn’t make it to that part because you’re so furious at me for misleading you with the headline up there — again — that you threw your laptop on the ground.

Unless sketches of famous actresses in body paint is, like, your thing. In which case, you are quite welcome. Here to help.

Source: BroBible