‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ Will Remain On Netflix ‘For Months To Come’


While the Travel Channel announced they will air episodes of the late Anthony Bourdain‘s classic series No Reservations through early July, his CNN show, Parts Unknown has faced a far more uncertain future. Or at least that’s the case with its backlog on Netflix, which as many were quick to point out, was about to lose its hold on the show due to the end of a licensing agreement. Never fear, for Netflix announced Tuesday afternoon that Bourdain’s globe-trotting Parts Unknown will now remain on the streaming giant’s site “for months to come.”

In a tweeted announcement, Netflix declared Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown would no longer be departing on June 16th:

Some fans have noticed that Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown was scheduled to come off Netflix US on June 16. As of today, we’ve extended our agreement that will keep Parts Unknown on the service for months to come.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, CNN President and CEO Jeff Zucker recalled the show “was never really about food. For Tony, it was the food that brought people to the table to talk about the things that mattered: politics, culture, race or religion.” As for Bourdain himself, Zucker noted he was “one of our best storytellers, hands down.” Netflix subscribers can find Parts Unknown here.