Anthony Bourdain Will Appear As A ‘Bastard Chef’ In The Upcoming Season Of ‘Archer’

As astute UPROXX readers may recall, former No Reservations host and current CNN travel/food/cuss word correspondent Anthony Bourdain is on the record as being a fan of Archer. As he, and all right-thinking people, should be. And now it appears he has taken his appreciation of the show to the next level, announcing on Facebook that he will appear as a “bastard chef” in an episode of the upcoming season. Ugh. Typical Hollywood typecasting.

The news was confirmed by a number of outlets that attended a recent Archer Live! panel in Los Angeles — where it apparently came up during the Q&A with Archer stars H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, and Amber Nash, as well as executive producer Matt Thompson — so it looks like this is all systems go. And when you combine it with the facts that the new season starts in less than two weeks and also features a guest spot by Timothy Olyphant, there’s really only one appropriate reaction.

Collider via The Braiser