New Captain America Anthony Mackie Will Just Go Ahead And Star In The New ‘Twisted Metal’ Series, Too

After flying in hot as the new Captain America, Anthony Mackie is crashing into the world of video games by signing onto a live-action Twisted Metal series from Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions. Mackie still star as John Doe in the half-hour action comedy from the creative team behind Deadpool, which will give the series an added boost as Sony gears up to shop it around to potential buyers. Also, the whole premise sounds pretty rad. Via Deadline:

Twisted Metal is a high-octane action comedy based on an original take by Deadpool scribes Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick about a motor-mouthed outsider offered a chance at a better life, but only if he can successfully deliver a mysterious package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland. With the help of a trigger-happy car thief, he’ll face savage marauders driving vehicles of destruction and other dangers of the open road, including a deranged clown who drives an all too familiar ice cream truck.

Obviously, scoring Mackie is a huge get for the Twisted Metal series. The actor’s transformation into the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new Captain America in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale went over huge with fans. Within hours of Mackie making his debut as Cap, Marvel announced a fourth Captain America movie featuring his Sam Wilson character in the title role.

Of course, the big question is whether we’ll see Mackie engage in vehicular combat with a murderous clown before he takes flight as Cap again, but frankly, either one sounds awesome. There’s been a whole entire pandemic. We’re not picky.

(Via Deadline)