04.01.10 9 years ago 16 Comments

When I was in middle school, every day at lunch the boys in 7th grade would play the 8th graders in a game of soccer. Except it wasn’t really soccer. It was just 30 minutes of the 8th graders tripping 7th graders. There was no referee or anything resembling adult supervision, and I’m not really sure why the 7th graders went through with it every day.

That’s what April 1st on the Internet feels like. You show up for the soccer game of information and entertainment from your favorite websites, and the A-holes just want to trip you.

Well, it sucks and I hate and I won’t do it. Instead, even though I may hate horses, Warming Glow is having April Foals Day. No chicanery, just baby horses. Enjoy.

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