Arby’s Will Air The Longest Commercial In TV History Today, But Only In Duluth, Minnesota

05.24.14 4 years ago 29 Comments

arbys nightmare

Have you ever eaten something so bad that the next day you’re sitting on the toilet knowing full well that you probably gave up the security deposit on your rental, and might even get evicted? That’s the Arby’s aftermath. They don’t care, however, because they paid for a 13-HOUR commercial in Duluth, Minnesota, to convince people there to put their toilets into PTSD therapy. Via Duluth News Tribune:

The door of a smoker will open, the brisket will be placed inside, smoke will flow in, and for just short of 13 hours, the viewer will watch it smoke through a window. A small logo in the corner of the screen identifies Arby’s.

Just before 2 a.m., viewers will see the door open, the brisket come out and Arby’s executive chef Neville Craw prepare the sandwich. Craw’s face won’t be seen so the focus will remain on the sandwich, Baker said.

The sad thing is that someone, somewhere will plant their butt on a couch that should be thrown into a volcano and watch all of this. It will be one of those stories where you hear about a 37-year-old man dying from playing World of Warcraft for too long, but with Arby’s binge watching.

No one is that hungry. I almost want to cry now.

(Duluth News Tribune Via Gawker)

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