'Archer' Creator Adam Reed Seems Cool

04.25.12 7 years ago 15 Comments

There really isn’t a hell of a lot of important breaking television news today, so I figured I’d take this opportunity to inform you that “Archer” creator Adam Reed is doing a Q&A with The AV Club where they’re going through the most recent season episode by episode, and it is FANTASTIC. The third and final part of the walkthrough goes up tomorrow, but I have helpfully excerpted my favorite tidbits from the first two parts below.

Part 1:

AVC: How did you go about breaking this story of a Burt Reynolds movie in 30 minutes with the Archer characters?

AR: Well, the idea was just Burt’s dating Malory, and then it was, “Great. There’s your skeleton. Now let’s jam in as much Burt Reynolds stuff as possible.”

Just as a little FYI, if you take the quote “Great. There’s your skeleton. Now let’s jam in as much Burt Reynolds stuff as possible,” and replace “Burt Reynolds” with some combination of Space Jam, action movie clichés, “Saved by the Bell,” and 90s rap and R&B, you essentially have the Danger Guerrero Guide to Blogging.

Part 2:

AVC: Do you spend a lot of time combing news sites and newspapers for stories?

AR: No. Definitely not the news. It’s all Wikipedia, basically. Just clicking, clicking, clicking and then, “Whoa, here’s this dude that got murdered in France with a dildo in his bottom. That sounds like an idea for ‘Archer.’”

I miss this show so much.

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