You Can Now Find Where All Of Sterling Archer’s Favorite Movies Are Available For Streaming

New streaming video aggregation service Vunify knows how to get our attention. Based on years of Sterling Archer pop culture references, they’ve compiled a collection of Codename Duchess’ favorite movies and where they’re currently available for streaming. I would never go so far as to suggest that it’s fully comprehensive, but it is your source to find where Spirit Guide Burt Reynolds’ entire film catalog is available online so you can mold your lifestyle properly.

Along with plenty of James Bond (who Archer can out-drink and out-womanize btw) there’s of course some Top Gun action, but I’m not sure the original can even hold up to the Archer-ized version any longer. Because, you know…

If you need me I’ll be petitioning all major services to make Gator available.

Vunify via The AV Club