The Cast Of ‘Archer’ Is Coming To A City Near You (If You Live In One Of These Four Cities)

Have you ever wanted to shout “GRILL ME A CHEESE” or “DANGER ZONE” at the voice of Sterling Archer, H. Jon Benjamin, who I’m sure doesn’t mind when lines he once read for a popular TV show are loudly regurgitated back to him, but without any of his subtlety or wit? Well, you can when the cast and crew of FX’s Archer goes on tour in January, if you live in one of four major metropolitan cities. SUCK IT DALLAS.

Archer Live! features a moderated discussion, a live reading of classic scenes from the Emmy® Award nominated series, and an audience Q&A with the all-star cast where fans will have a chance to get the inside scoop on their favorite show. Talent appearances include H. Jon Benjamin as Agent Sterling Archer, Aisha Tyler as Agent Lana Kane, Jessica Walter as Malory Archer, Chris Parnell as Cyril Figgis, Amber Nash as Pam Poovey, Lucky Yates as Krieger, series creator Adam Reed as Agent Ray Gillette, and executive producer Matt Thompson. Schedule and talent participation is subject to change. (Via)

The cities: Los Angeles (January 3), San Francisco (January 4), Philadelphia (January 11), and New York (January 12), thereby bypassing any states where alligators have eaten humans, according to Archer, which is another reference you can yell at famous people, proving once and for all, you are THE (pirate) king of quotes.

(Via TV by the Numbers)

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