The Best Of Last Night’s ‘Archer’ And A Discussion With Background Director Jon Bass

Production Note: We welcome Archer Background Director Jon Bass in to chat with us for the first time this season. He will be here at 1pm EST. Please direct all your radioactive swine questions @Jon.

Just last week we sparked a conversation over why Archer has been taking so much punishment while inflicting so little of late, and right on cue not only is Sterling in a position to kick some North Korean ass but also to reference his many, many injuries. Get out of our brains, Adam Reed.

On the same note, it’s always nice to be reminded that when it comes to actual ops Sterling is pretty good at his job. I akin this to how The Office would occasionally work in that Michael Scott was actually a helluva salesman when he wanted to be. Just enough to provide a hint of value and reality in the midst of all the tomfoolery.

Before we get to the bullets and GIFs I’d like to take a moment to note what a gorgeous episode “The Honeymooners” was. The Floyd County team continues to outdo themselves. Now let’s get to it…

  • TRUDY BEEKMAN SIGHTING (kind of). I’d forgotten until last night that Adam told us it is his mom doing Trudy’s voice. Not sure if we’ll be seeing anymore of “that b*tch” this season, but it’s still kind of alarming that she isn’t just an animated Liza Minnelli.
  • “It’s lamb, ding dong, not salmon.” EVERYTHING about the Pam-Cyril office scene. EVERYTHING.
  • I like to think Archer thought about replacing Cyril’s bottle of Glengoolie Blue with one of the three he ordered from room service only to giggle uncontrollably to himself at the preposterousness of the idea.
  • It’s a GD shame it’s 2013 and I’m just now able to use the phrase “Power Blackout.”
  • Piggly is kind of like Georgia’s uga mascot. One bites the dust and you just replace it with a newer, more radioactive version.
  • Van Cliburn reference required a googling on my end. I’m a simpleton.
  • But I was all over “Tom Demsey’d in the t*ts.”
  • Cheryl’s act always plays like wasabi peas for me: at first I’m not feeling it but before long I can’t get enough.
  • “Get in my big ole vagina. I’m Lana.” – Pam in Lana/Grimace voice. Never unhear it.
  • Adam Reed segues have officially been deemed an art form by the people responsible for designating such things. I checked.
  • “It’s not democratic. Not a republic. And definitely not glorious.”
  • Pop Culture Reference Count: The Honeymooners, Van Cliburn, Tom Dempsey, Mission Impossible 4, Frontline, USS Pueblo, Snatch?

And finally, we can all now agree that Sterling & Lana are officially in Ross & Rachel will they/won’t they territory, right Mrs. Archer?

Chet Manley GIFs on the next two pages as to not crash too many browsers. Welcome Jon!

I’ll have what she’s having?

Count me in.

Life lessons from Malory Archer: Never let your anger waste good scotch.

So this was just a super cool sequence.

Rib-eating 101.

North Koreans are so beat up-able.

Piggly 3 has so, so earned it.

Seriously, Krieger is never going to make up for that flex account.