‘Archer’s’ Pam Poovey Has Had Quite The Epic Summer. Here’s A Sploosh-tastic Visual Recap.

If you’re on the social and you haven’t been following Pam’s Gossip Train on Facebook and Twitter this summer you’ve been doing it all wrong. The accounts are run by a friend of the program, the lovely Amber Nash, and since shortly after the Archer Season finale they’ve been painting a vivid picture of Pam’s epic summer with spectacular new images courtesy of FX and Floyd County.

The Chupacabra of Dicks’ exact whereabouts have not been revealed, just highlights of her tropical adventures complete with perfectly Poovey captions like this one for the image above:

“I haven’t had a machine this powerful between my legs since earlier this morning in my hotel room.”

And that’s just the tip of the jet ski. Strap in (phrasing) for the full chronological “to be continued” ride…

“We’re gonna need a smaller boat.”

“The locals uses dominos for something other than lining them up & knocking them over. They call it: ‘Playing Dominos'”

“The b*tch, the b*tch, the b*tch is back! Woooo!”

“Five OH!!! FIVE OHHHH!!!!”

“They told us we were getting DeLuise’d, but I didn’t see Dom anywhere. ‪#‎CaptainChaos‬ ‪#‎Crabs‬”

“After this I spent a week in the hole, which compared to some of Krieger’s experiments, was a breeze.”

Bonus awesome! Three ocelot moon side-by-side!

Via Reddit