Man Pissed Over Lack Of Spoiler Alert Prior To Reading That Ben Affleck’s Character In ‘Argo’ Was A Ghost

Back in February, Huffington Post entertainment writer Mike Ryan wrote a review of the utterly forgettable movie, Safe Haven. In the middle of that review was the following passage…

Let’s put it this way, here are the only twists that I could come up with that were more insane than the one in Safe Haven.

· When it was revealed that Ben Affleck’s character in Argo was a ghost.

· When it turned out that Bob Sugar was a ghost in Jerry Maguire.

· When I discovered that all of the penguins were ghosts in March of the Penguins.

In the event you have yet to see Argo, Ben Affleck’s character was not, in fact, revealed to be a ghost at any point. Apparent spoiler alert nazi Alex Picchietti — who read Ryan’s Safe Haven review earlier in the week — obviously did not know this and proceeded to lose his freaking mind over what he thought was a spoiler that didn’t come with a “spoiler alert” warning preceding it.

In the wake of his public meltdown, Alex Picchietti has understandably deleted his Twitter account in shame. Thankfully, Andy Levy storified the whole rage-filled exchange before he did, and it’s absolutely glorious.

I agree with Dave Lozo’s assessment that this “will remain forever The Godfather of stories about Internet commenting.” Also, spolier alert Nazis are still the f*cking worst.

(Pic via Warner Bros)