An Arizona Couple Called 911 After They Didn’t Get Hash Browns At McDonald’s

Just in time for dozens of year-end lists, a Mesa, Arizona couple might be up for the honor of the Biggest Overreaction to a Fast Food Mix-Up of 2013 after they allegedly assaulted workers in a McDonald’s restaurant because they forgot to include hash browns with their meals. According to ABC 15, Michael and Nova Smith are facing charges after they threw a bag of food at the McD’s employees for refusing to correct their mistake or offer the couple a refund.

While the whole thing ended up being a simple mistake, the husband and wife nearly went berserker on employees, as Nova admitted that she also threw her purse and Michael told the reporter that he went behind the counter to settle things the old-fashioned way, before he ultimately called 911 to report the incident. And the most interesting part of this local news report is how proud they seem to be about it all.