‘Veep’ Creator Armando Iannucci Wants To Have The Doctor Curse In An Episode Of ‘Doctor Who’

Today in news that desperately needs to become reality: Armando Iannucci, the creator of HBO’s Veep as well as the BBC’s The Thick of It and its Oscar-winning companion film In the Loop, has expressed some interest in writing an episode of Doctor Who. It’s a very exciting proposition that seems like it’s just a glimmer in Iannucci’s mind, but maybe there’s a petition we can all sign or a rally we can stage to will it into existence. Here is what he told the Guardian:

“I’m a big fan of Doctor Who and obviously with Peter [Capaldi], who’s loving it, it would be nice to,” Iannucci said. “I’ve spoken off and on to them but it’s a case of being able to fit something in. It’s a nice thought. …

“In our conversations there was an idea we had, but it may be a wee while yet before we get round to working out when it would be. Knowing I am committed for the next year or so, it’s all on hold. Let’s get back in touch when we can.”

For the uninitiated, Iannucci worked with the current Doctor Peter Capaldi on The Thick of It and In the Loop when the latter gentleman played Malcolm Tucker, or as I like to call him, the Earl of F*ck.

But as I said, and as Iannucci said, it’s a collaboration that is far from official. Doctor Who has hosted some very cool guest writers since in the past few years, like Neil Gaiman and Richard Curtis, but Iannucci is very busy lately with Veep and his Stalin comedy. In the meantime, we can imagine what an Iannucci-penned episode of Doctor Who might look like:

(Source: The Guardian, A.V. Club)