‘Arrested Development’ Beyond The Binge: Everything You May Have Missed In ‘Indian Takers’

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06.06.13 214 Comments
Beyond the Binge reflects on episodes from a full season perspective. It is not intended to be spoiler-heavy, but there will be some spoilers throughout. Previously: Borderline Personalities.

When I completed my first watch of Arrested Development Season 4 I was certain “Borderline Personalities” and “Indian Takers” scored 1A and 1B in the weakest episode rankings. Not only do they both come early in the season and are burdened with laying a lot of expository groundwork, but they also feature members of the Bluth family I find the least compelling and prefer in complimentary roles. That being said, upon second watch I have upgraded “Indian Takers” to the second weakest position (!).

This installment is of course more delightful the second go round, primarily because there are so many call-forwards (especially to the Tobias and Maeby episodes) that were impossible to appreciate on first watch. Also because there’s just so much more Bluth family interaction (what “Borderline Personalities” was sorely missing).

Before we jump into “everything you may have missed” I’d like to make note that while I’ve listed some of the slightly less obvious call-forwards (really enjoying this term) I’ll leave the Tobias in India sightings and the Shaman’s true identity (which I think everyone caught initially) to your own second watch. I also won’t be commenting on Portia’s “new look” other than I think a lot of the weirdness is in part the result of the extensions or whatever sort of hairpiece she is wearing. Once she goes “even cuter” she looks A+ to me.

Balboa Bay Window’s “Proposition Ape.” Can’t speak for everyone, but first time around I was so busy I reading the headline and description I didn’t catch Buster’s gorilla suit crop top (?). Also I forget how great the magazine tagline is.

“At least I was able to turn my queen around.” This split second jab + cutaway gets better with every watch.

♪No it’s just a phallus, see♪ Sure, having your ambiguously gay husband sing a made up showtune right after you claim your life is a fallacy is good joke, but mix in the idea that Tobias is singing a penis pun and you’ve got a great joke.

“Stay in your lane anus tart!” One of my favorite call-forwards of the season, mainly because they give you nothing but the lines from Lindsay and the cabbie.

“Anything under a small is considered a David Spade.” It’s funny because David Spade is little. Rebel also makes mention of her David Spade later on.

Ostriches everywhere. Not only does Lindsay see the first ostrich after her consultation, but the Shaman also tells her to pull her head out of the sand AND the name of the Indian city Lindsay travels to, Shuturmurg, is Hindu for “ostrich.

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