Let’s Liveblog Wednesday’s Geeky TV: ‘Arrow’ Is Back

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01.20.16 183 Comments

Before the midseason break on Arrow, Ollie and Felicity antagonized an insane magic user with a small army at his command. Unsurprisingly, they shot up Ollie’s limo, severely injuring Felicity. So get your pitchforks and torches, because Arrow is back tonight and they are heavily implying Felicity is dead. And that means we riot!

Okay, maybe we don’t riot, not least because Felicity probably isn’t dead. Still, they’re sure going to make us ride an emotional roller coaster on this one, although hearing Ollie reject the idea of guilt and instead decide to proactively beat people up is an inspiring thing to hear. Not least because if he starts killing again, we can stop pointing out how hypocritical he is complaining about other people killing. Come on, man. Even Robot Chicken is razzing you at this point.

Aside from that, we also have the ongoing plot on Flashback Island where Ollie is finding some magical MacGuffin before the villain, Baron Blitzkrief, gets it and does… something. They haven’t really been specific on the details, aside from the fact that Constantine isn’t for him getting it. Maybe we’ll get some answers tonight, but either way, we’ll be liveblogging every moment of Ollie’s rampage on the CW tonight at 8 p.m. Join us, won’t you?

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