‘Arrow’ May Debut Season Five With An Altered Timeline

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07.05.16 3 Comments

We already know season five of Arrow is going to be, in the words of Stephen Amell, “f’ing mean,” not least because Amell’s WWE rival Cody Rhodes is showing up as a villain. But will it be substantially different, thanks to The Flash?

If you don’t follow The Flash, it had a controversial season finale in which Barry Allen went back in time and changed the course of history. He did this despite the fact that every time he’s tried something like it before, there have been horrible consequences, something that we’re assuming will hold true in season three. But what will happen now that Barry’s changed everything?

It turns out Amell either isn’t sure himself or is trying to cover up accidentally leaking a plot point. When asked by fans whether the timeline would be changed, he said “Sure,” only to both walk that back and take the time to correct some grammar on Facebook. Amell now claims he has no idea if the timeline is going to be altered, and made it clear he stated as much after he was asked. Which is a bit odd since he’s been talking up the early episodes of the season pretty heavily, right down to hinting that we’ll see the return of a major villain who hasn’t turned up since season two. And, in fact, Amell has teased timeline changes before. But we’ll find out soon enough. The newer, meaner Arrow will be debuting this October.

(Via io9)

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