As the Prophecy Foretold!

Earlier this week, news broke that Jimmy Fallon would return to “Saturday Night Live” in December to host the show that made him famous. It wouldn’t be particularly exciting TV news — except that a sketch from a 1998 episode of “SNL” predicted exactly that.

In the video below, you can see Alec Baldwin — who will host the season premiere of “SNL” in September — take the stage for 1998’s Christmas episode (where “Schweddy Balls” made its first appearance), and during his monologue he encounters the Ghost of SNL Hosts Present (John Goodman) and the Ghost of SNL Hosts Future, played by a 24-year-old Jimmy Fallon. Baldwin then sees a “clip” of a metallic-vest-clad Fallon hosting on December 12, 2011 — a Monday, but not the sort of detail that got fact-checked before people spent all day reading blogs. Such a simple time, 1998. Airport security was light, Alec Baldwin was only starting to get fat, and people were telling Monica Lewinsky jokes. We were all so innocent, and everything was lame and boring because the internet was all dial-up.

(first noticed by popculturebrain, video via Zap2it)