Aubrey Plaza And John Mayer, Sitting In A Sarcastic Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G?

Well, she didn’t do it. Aubrey Plaza didn’t kill Kristin Chenoweth last night. With all due respect to the Pushing Daisies star: damn. I kept waiting for the moment to arrive, for Plaza to get her Orin on and stab the most stereotypically perky blonde, with a smile that stretches from Kansas to Oz, in the gut. And yet, nothing.

That non-murder cast a pall over yesterday’s Hollywood Game Night, but the episode wasn’t without its charms, most of which were supplied by Evil Hag herself. During “Celebrity Name Game,” Plaza had to describe a number of famous people to her partner, including Cameron Diaz and John Mayer, who, apparently, she’s well acquainted with. Man, Jeff Mangum is going to be so pissed (note to Jeff Mangum: start beefing with John Mayer, thanx.)

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