Aubrey Plaza Is Convinced That Her ‘The White Lotus’ Character, Harper, Is ‘Disgusted’ By Cameron

At the beginning of this The White Lotus season, Cameron almost immediately flashed Harper, who didn’t seem like she was into it. At all. Fast forward almost one week of vacation malaise, and Harper might be into it? At least, she has been seemingly encouraging the vibe with giggling mutual drinking after making her thoughts clear on Ethan not really wanting to sleep with her. She might be egging Cameron on, and Ethan is moving close to the brink by hallucinating a sex thing between Harper and his old buddy. None of this bodes well for Ethan’s state of mind and could possibly lead to murder, but Aubrey Plaza doesn’t believe that Harper actually likes Cameron.

As Plaza told Vanity Fair, “I think she’s disgusted by him.” That doesn’t mean that sex is off the table though. In other words thanks a lot, Ethan:

“I don’t think he’s her type, you know? But I think that he’s hitting on a nerve with her, which is that she wants to f*ck, you know? Sorry, but it’s just like we’re all animals. It’s hard when you’re in a long term relationship. It’s like you stop having sex, or the sex gets boring or whatever it is. It’s just human nature, you know? It’s like your pheromones meet somebody and maybe they’re not your type or whatever, but it hits on a thing with her where she’s like, ‘I don’t wanna think.'”

Man, Aubrey knows how to stoke the intrigue. Ethan’s pretty paranoid right about now, but he did pick up on a few possible clues about Harper and Cameron sneaking off to rooms at the same time. It doesn’t feel like Harper would want to go there (since she was so disgusted by the thought of those call girls in her room), but who knows? She may think that hooking up with Cameron wouldn’t upset Daphne at all, and she seems really irked by Ethan these days. Also, the whole gulf between the morning-and-evening sex preferences may be striking more of a long-term chord than expected.

Maybe we’ll find out the truth when this week’s The White Lotus finale airs.

(Via Vanity Fair)