Aww Yeah, Lady Heather Is Back

02.25.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

"Must. Maintain. Eye contact!"

I first became aware of Melinda Clarke in her role as the nasty vixen Julie Cooper on “The O.C.” At the time, I read a lot of

The (one helluva) story: Human pets are at the center of an investigation by the CSI team. Apparently, a murder occurs within a strange offshoot of the dominatrix world in which rich people pay human beings to be their “pets” (gulp). Lady Heather, now Dr. Lady Heather, becomes professionally involved in the case.

Well of course she’s Dr. Lady Heather now. She busted her ass for seven years in dominatrix medical school. Although it might be worth looking into that “Lady” designator. I’ve got a feeling she’s not actually from a noble family.

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