Aya Cash Talked About The Three-Season Plan For ‘You’re The Worst’

You’re the Worst, which took about half an episode to become one of our favorite shows of 2014 (every time I pass out naked in my driveway, drunk on Trash Juice, I tell the police it’s “a reference to You’re the Worst“; they never believe me), will return… eventually. FX hasn’t announced a premiere date, but according to star Aya Cash, Stephen Falk and his merry band of fun hipsters have already written eight episodes.

You’re the Worst ended Season 1 with Gretchen and Jimmy moving in together. Executive producer Stephen Falk told us that they’re not going to settle in easy in Season 2. Have you started shooting yet? What can you tell me?

We haven’t started. It’s unclear exactly when, but within the next two months we’ll start. I know they’ve written, God, they must’ve written probably eight by now. So they write the entire season beforehand but they’re incredibly tight-lipped about it. Stephen has all of the writers on lockdown. I went to drinks with a couple of the writers when I was in LA last and was like Give me the scoop! And they were like, “Stephen will kill us.” [Laughs] So really, they’re keeping it a secret from us as well. Stephen has laid out, just from the pilot even, what was going to happen, the big event of each year, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 in terms of the tracking of the relationship, but we don’t know how we get there at all.

Cash also noted that she thinks Falk “pitched… tentative three seasons” that will show Gretchen and Jimmy hitting “a lot of relationship milestones together and probably screw them all up.” The same Gretchen and Jimmy that made up 66.6 perfect of a very awkward threesome? I doubt it.


Was there anything that gave you pause when you saw it in the script?

I’m not, like, a naked person, which is surprising, because I have to do some stuff for the show. But in my real life… I go to the Korean spa sometimes and I feel empowered and terrified, walking around naked with the women in their bras beating me up. It’s a very scary thing for me, but again, it’s just like I knew this was really good. I really trust Stephen, and none of it felt gratuitous. A lot of the sex and nudity is in the name of comedy. I don’t think the sex is joke-joke-joke, but it’s funny and awkward and weird. And I just believe in all of that. It’s terrifying. I wish I was one of those people. I grew up around dancers and people like that. I’ve never been that way.

The best TV shows are the ones that you can respond to questions about them with, “I’m not, like, a naked person.”

Via TVLine