Pete Holmes Looks To Protect Babies And Assist Worried Parents With ‘The Baby Safe’

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12.10.13 8 Comments

Baby Safe Sketch From Pete Holmes Show

In this video from The Pete Holmes Show, we are introduced to the newest technology available to parents in the never ending war against childhood danger: The Baby Safe.

This is the most effective piece of child rearing technology since the baby hammock and it comes in several varieties, including the travel baby safe for those hard to handle airplane situations.

I think all new parents would love a baby safe in their homes, especially during the holidays. It would assist with keeping the illusion of Santa Claus alive and provide protection during that inevitable Christmas tree fire.

Holmes continues to put on a pretty fantastic show and I hope it continues as a popular companion to Conan. The large void left by the loss of Lopez Tonight has swallowed too many programs at this point. A few people are sure to miss Deon Cole’s Black Box.

Is it just me or is the adolescent safe still bigger than most New York City apartments? I’m sure the rent would still be through the roof, thus nullifying the usefulness of the adolescent safe.

(Lead image via Pete Holmes)

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