Pretty Sure The Dog From ‘Dog With A Blog’ Is On Drugs, Guys

03.28.14 6 Comments

It’s been a few weeks since we checked in with the official blog of the dog from Dog With a Blog on the show’s website. Last time, he was taking hilariously mean shots at cats. The time before that, he was confessing to peeing in his neighbors yard and complaining about doggie bags. Let’s see what he’s been up to lately, shall we?

Well, he’s got some thoughts on ringtones…

… and he’s going on long walks to make some mildly risque jokes about squirrel testicles…

… and he’s posting insane ramblings about bacon…

… and he’s making the case that he could, like, totally be an astronaut.

Thing brings up an important point: Has … has the dog from Dog With a Blog gotten into drugs? Is that what’s happening here? Because I’ve been to college, and I know what potheads sound like, and they sound a lot like this. If his next post is about renting a van to go see moe play the Gathering of the Vibes in Connecticut this summer, we’ll know for sure.

Actually, it brings up two important points: Each one of those posts has between 500-1000 comments from the show’s young fans, which means that the official blog of the fictional talking dog from the television show Dog With a Blog, in all likelihood, murders the traffic I get here on a daily basis. Just obliterates it. This would make me seriously question what I’m doing with my life if it weren’t also my single favorite thing in the entire world.

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