Baloncesto Jones: Ecuador Is Burning 'Space Jam' Effigies For New Year's Eve

It’s the movie that defined a generation, and threatens to tear it apart. Mention Space Jam around anyone who was born in the 1980s and you’ll be met with an equal amount of “THAT IS THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL-TIME” and “You know that thing was the cinematic equivalent of one of Newman’s turds, right?” comments. Case in point: Danger’s appreciation post on Film Drunk, which Vince had to be drugged into letting him publish.

Apparently there’s no such divide in opinion in Ecuador, though: everyone loves Space Jam. Take a look at the loving effigy the country is planning to burn on New Year’s Eve, complete with a puking Monstar, for some reason.

Some background about the pic: in Ecuador, they celebrate the New Year by burning wood/carton dolls. Normally they pick politicians, or recent cartoon dolls… honestly I don’t know why these particular guys picked to design characters from a 1996 movie.

Uh, because last year’s Bill Murray Larger than Life float ripped apart, obviously.

(Via Reddit)