‘Banshee’ Had Another Fight Scene For The Ages

Dammit Banshee, it’s only the third episode of the season. There should not be so much ground to cover already. In fact, with all due respect to Kai mother’s, and Job and Sugar’s storylines this week, I’m just gonna lay out all the big plot stuff here with all the violent GIFs over the next few pages.

Nola wanted her revenge on Kai now, but had to go through Burton first. Nola v. Burton was one of the best fight scenes in a show full of them. The use of Proctor’s Rolls Royce throughout, the camera angles, and the littering of flashbacks were all very well done. It sucks to lose Nola so early, but she did not go without a fight.

Chayton’s little brother Billy, also sick of waiting around, chose a bad time to go mess up Kai’s strip club (seriously, when the dude going on arrow rampages says to hold back, maybe listen to him). Yet having Raven be the guy to shoot him adds another interesting side to the story — one that will probably end in more bloodshed.

Turns out they guy with a gun on Hood last week as an FBI agent who got his hands on Racine’s file from last season. This would be the least of Hood’s problems, as the people who were after Jason Hood last season still want their money. They’re also none to happy about what happened to the last guy who was sent out to collect.

After a turn of events that plays out in the GIFs, the agent agrees to leave Hood alone. Unfortunately, Hood’s file was dropped off to the Banshee Sheriff’s Department…

…and made it to Siobhan’s possession. I’m pretty sure Hood’s not gonna be able to kick ass out of this situation.

That’s where the episode ends, but not so much with the GIFs. They are spread out over the next couple pages for your consumption.