‘The View’s Sherri Shepherd Recalled How Barbara Walters Told Her ‘To Be A Lesbian’ During Sherri’s Bridal Shower

On Tuesday morning, both new and old co-hosts of The View paid tribute to the late Barbara Walters who famously created the iconic daytime talk show all the way back in 1997. While the mood was definitely reverent as original hosts like Meredith Vieria and Debbie Matenopoulos stopped by to share their experiences learning from the veteran newscaster, there were also very on-brand moments of hilarity as the co-hosts recalled unforgettable moments of Walters’ raucous humor.

One such moment came from former co-host Sherri Shepherd, who will never forget the advice that Walters gave her. The two were particularly close and often met for dinners, which led to Walters personally planning Shepherd’s bridal shower where her trademark wit was on full display. Via The Wrap:

“She said, ‘You always get with these men who take your money! All the time! Stop getting married to men that take your money. You need to be a lesbian,’” Shepherd recalled. “‘But with your luck, they’d take your money, too.’”

The story got huge laughs from both the audience and the women at the table, as the hosts all agreed that Walters was known to be honest like that.

The scene was definitely better than the treatment that Walkers received from Megyn Kelly. While the former Fox News host was sure to credit the late Walters for blazing the trail that made her career possible, Kelly launched into an odd and seemingly random attack on Walters’ parenting. While citing passages from her memoir, Kelly decided now was a good time to criticize Walters for being an absent mother.

Needless to say, The View did not go that route, and even one of its more grating former co-hosts had the wherewithal to pay proper respect to Walters:

(Via The Wrap)