‘Barry’ Shows Off His Acting Chops In A New Trailer

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Everybody’s been there. They’ve got a job they’re good at, it pays well, but it’s unfulfilling. It’s just for most of us that job is in an office and for Barry (Bill Hader), the title character of Hader’s new HBO series, it’s shooting people in the head as a globe-trotting hitman. And then Barry discovers that one thing missing from his life: the stage.

Sent to kill the man sleeping with a mob boss’s wife, Barry sneaks into an acting class led by acting guru Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler), and despite dying up there (metaphorically), discovers he really enjoys performing and connects with the motley crew in his acting class, particularly Sally (Sarah Goldberg). So really it’s all about work/life balance for Barry, although his employers are less than enthused he’s found his personal calling, and it doesn’t involve homicide for money.

The trailer is full of both action bits, including an appearance by Gotham‘s Anthony Carrigan, who’s substantially more chill here than as Zsasz, and some hilarious sight gags that will make any veteran of community theater chuckle and cringe at the same time. We’ll see if Barry can bust through stage fright while busting a few skulls March 25th.

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