The New ‘Batman ’66’ LEGO Set Includes The Joker’s Mustache And So Many Other Amazing Details

Holy anniversaries, folks! Believe it or not, today marks 50 years since the classic Adam West Batman series began airing on local Bat-channels everywhere. You’ll likely see a lot of tributes to Batman ’66 today (rightfully so, because it’s the best damn TV show ever), but the folks at LEGO have truly gone above and beyond with the Batman Classic TV Series Batcave. This 2,500+ piece set is absolutely brimming with authentic, ridiculous details, some of which LEGO shared on their Facebook page.

Little “Bruce” and “Dick” labels for the Bat-poles! The Batphone! The bust of Shakespeare they use to get into the Batcave! It’s all so perfect.

The ol’ Atomic Pile, complete with warning sign.

A fantastic LEGO Batmobile.

The Batcopter, hopefully fully-stocked with shark repellent.

Adam West’s man boobs!

And yes, the Joker even includes Cesar Romero’s painted-over mustache that has baffled viewers for half a century. I’ll be honest, I’m tearing up a little bit here.

Man, this thing is wonderful. It’s almost perfect, though it doesn’t come with a tiny plastic Yvonne Craig Batgirl, which is my only complaint. The Batman Classic TV Series Batcave goes on sale March 1, so you should probably start camping outside your local LEGO store soon.